Play the Numbers Games With Advanced Search Operators

Using Google’s advanced search operators can help in more ways than many people realize, including searching for the answers to mathematical equations, changing measurement units, or searching for other numbers like a city’s zip code or UPS tracking numbers. Some of these operators can also be used in other search engines, like MSN and Yahoo!

Google became a super calculator when one day a Google engineer rigged up a way to use Google as a calculator, when he was supposed to be working on Google’s spell checking program. There are no spaces between the search operator and the Web page URL.

Take a Breather and Play Free Online Games

The Internet represents a great invention in that it has simplified many of the activities that used to be performed in the traditional ways. Along with free and fast access to virtually endless information and telephony that is easier and cheaper than ever before, the Internet also provides us with numerous and various means for entertainment at home. The electronic games have gained immense popularity over recent years. There is a wide range of games available for all kinds of players, regardless of gender or age. This addictive form of entertainment has become popular, mostly due to its availability and convenience. Other means of entertainment may require more time, money or specific circumstances, whereas the electronic games only require a PC and an Internet connection. Free online games have been available for quite some time now, which makes this form of home entertainment all the more convenient.

Play Free Online Games Such as Puzzles to Increase Your Concentration

Most of us tend to look at the word, “Free” with a tinge of cynicism. Possibly, it could be a scam! Possibly, it could waste my time and money! These and many more exclamations – Do you think free online games fall prey to them? Fortunately for us, to play free online games, neither do you neither need money nor do you need to be technically skilled or a technical genius? Would you believe that people who have absolutely no experience in gaming have taken to play free online games?

Play Free Online Games for Fun

Playing Flash games online has become ever so popular with people of all ages. Any of the different genres of arcade games available you prefer, you are bound to find something to suit you online. You might also be surprised to know that there are lots of websites that will allow you to play free online games for as long as you like, without having to spend a single penny. Whether you are a fan of flash RPG games, Action, Sport games, or free online adventure games, you will not be disappointed as there are hundreds of different themes, plots, mechanisms and special effects that make it worth your while. This will come as a relief to many parents who might already be paying monthly fees for their children to play the fantasy games that are so huge right now. As flash arcade game sites get better and better, the free offer made by free arcade sites is worth considering.

Tips N Tricks to Play Tennis

Staying fit and injury less body is a minimal requirement in tennis. But injuries are something which majority of the tennis players are inflicted with at some or other point in their tennis life. And ninety percent of the times the injuries are related to the elbows. It is very important to play it right.

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